GIGI Nutri Peptide Intense Cold Cream

GIGI Nutri Peptide Intense Cold Cream

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Inhalt: 50ml

Hydration and protection for extra dry skin

The skin is exposed to stress from extreme environmental influences (cold, wind, strong sunlight, air conditioning, heating). This can lead to inflammation, and the reduction in hydration is in all layers of the skin. This causes redness, itching and accelerates the skin aging process. The Intense Cold Cream with its unique texture forms a soothing protective layer on the skin that prevents the loss of natural moisture, protects the skin from environmental damage and provides instant relief to extremely dry skin while reducing injuries.



  • Instantly replenishes skin with long-lasting moisture,
  • Provides full protection against drying environmental factors.
  • Soothes the skin and prevents the development of redness.
  • Smoothes the skin and provides a velvety, soft texture.


  • Massage into cleansed skin in the morning and evening until fully absorbed!
  • In extremely cold weather, apply in a heavier layer or use as a nighttime beauty wrap to regenerate, replenish and soothe skin!