Mary Cohr Sérum Hydrosmose

Mary Cohr Sérum Hydrosmose

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Inhalt: 30ml

Serum for the face.

Intensive moisturizing of the cells - cream serum for dehydrated skin

active ingredients and effects

  • Moisturizing plants prevent moisture loss and make the skin supple again.
  • Ceramides improve cell cohesion. Contains several deep-acting molecules that provide long-lasting hydration to the skin at different levels. Prevents the formation of free radicals.
  • Vitamin B5 promotes cell regeneration and binds moisture in the tissue.

Results: Even very dehydrated skin is immediately intensively moisturized. The skin is more supple, smoother and looks radiantly beautiful again. Dry lines are reduced. The complexion looks radiantly beautiful.

Use: Apply to skin that has been cleansed down to the pores and massage in gently. Apply three to four times a year or more than one month intensive treatment if necessary.