Mary Cohr Hydrosmose

Mary Cohr Hydrosmose

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Inhalt: 50ml


24 hour moisturizing cream for all skin types. Continuous hydration through osmosis.

Active ingredients and effect:

  • Aquasmosis (liposomes filled with hydrosmosis complex) transport moisture to the cells. They fuse with the cell membranes and permanently bind moisture in the tissue.
  • Olive extracts give suppleness and a pleasant feeling to the skin.
  • Vitamin E protects against free radicals.

Results: The skin is ideally supplied with moisture. She looks more radiant and has fewer dry lines. The skin is optimally protected. It is supple and feels comfortable.

Advantage: Continuous supply of moisture to the cells. 8 hours after application, 29.3% more moisture remains.

Use: Apply to skin that has been cleansed down to the pores and massage in gently. Can be used morning and evening all year round.