GIGI Nutri Peptide Second Skin Mask

GIGI Nutri Peptide Second Skin Mask

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A new generation peel-off mask that combines the active components; its flexible texture effectively refreshes and renews facial skin. The Second Skin Mask is an instant complementary product, recommended for both men and women to use at home. The Second Skin Mask is a member of the innovative and active Nutri-Peptide family of products.



In recent years, the use of activated charcoal in skin care products has been dominant due to its natural effects; it was due to the property that it is able to carry out detoxification processes without irritation - it quickly rids the skin of toxins accumulated due to urban lifestyle. The toxic chemicals on the skin and in the clogged pores are absorbed by the charcoal, it even gets into the capillaries that are responsible for nourishing the cells. In contact with the skin, the charcoal produces a natural absorption effect, neutralizing toxins, removing excess oil, dead skin cells and accumulated impurities. The flexible structure of the mask promotes detoxification by supporting circulation and skin regeneration. Peeling off the mask removes the dead epidermis cells, cleans the pores and guarantees a fresh look of the skin.

Inhalt: 75ml